Corporate law and M&A

Corporate law and M&A

We contribute to our clients’ most versatile legal transactions, ranging from the civil agreements affecting everyday life to complex international M&A transactions, with the utmost care. In this respect, we have gained significant experience in conducting due diligence procedures.


We follow with the maximum attention the undertaking of our clients through all its phases, starting from the foundation through the different corporate changes to the eventual termination. We elaborate standard contract terms for our clients and align their existing corporate documents with Hungarian law where necessary.


Our colleagues often advise and represent our clients in transactions relating to the acquisition and transformation of companies (including mergers and divisions). We have contributed to numerous transactional structures, including, but not limited to acquisitions, split-off, demergers, foundation of joint ventures, influenced buyouts and spin-off. Representing either the buyer or the seller party, we are at your service in the different phases of the given case from the sending the initial enquiry through carrying out negotiations to the organization of due diligence and data rooms. You can safely rely on us with any post-closing transactions and administrative tasks as well.



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