Data protection and GDPR

Data protection and GDPR

Since the entry into force of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its implementation in the Member States, the field of data protection has received increased attention, on which our law firm provides regular legal advice and practical solutions.


Compliance with community-wide and domestic data protection legislation places a great deal of administrative burden on businesses, while our law firm strives to develop personalized and least onerous solutions for day-to-day operations.


As part of the compliance process, we review our clients' data management and data processing practices, then, based on the results of the audit, we make recommendations for appropriate action to be taken, and we prepare the data protection documentation that provides the framework for lawful operation.


The pace of technological advancement and the process nature of data management as a business pose is a constant challenge for businesses seeking legal data management, that is why we pay special attention to the so-called after-care phase.

In our law firm, these tasks are performed by members of a dedicated team with extensive experience in data protection, who - in addition participated in the coordination of numerous matching processes - are regular speakers at conferences on data protection law and professional events.




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